Saturday 6 April 2013

Melaka Trip Day 1

I had a really great and fun food trail to Melaka, Malaysia during the Easter long weekend last week with my girls and the hubbies. 
It was an impromptu trip and we went off without much planning, which I think added on to the fun. Lucky for us, we had a very dependent 'tour guide', Mr. D :)

We set off our adventure early at 6.30 am on Friday to beat the traffic jam. 
After a quick breakkie at Johor and hours of driving, we finally reached Melaka at 1 pm. Teehee.

We had our first lunch at Mei Sin Cafe. It is located beside Ramada Hotel and below Ng Fook Hotel. The address is 154 Jalan Bunga Raya, Melaka 75100. You may park the car opposite of Ramada Hotel for Ringgit Malaysia(RM) 5 each car.

Waiting not so patiently for our wanton noodles :)

Love the wanton noodle and the soup (RM 3.50)

The noodle can be exchanged to kway teow as well.

We ordered other dishes from other stalls. Deep fried fish balls and yams (RM 10). These are super yummy.

Roasted chicken (RM 15), nice but a bit salty to my liking.

We headed to the hotel for check-in and quick rest after lunch.
We stayed at Venus Boutique Hotel this round. The hotel is located at 18 Jalan PM 6, Plaza Mahkota, Melaka 75000.

The hotel room is cozy and comfortable. And most importantly, it is affordable. We booked it at SGD 73.50 for a night. On top of that we need to pay RM 2 for heritage charge per room, per night.
They also provide complimentary wireless connection in both lobby and inside the room.

After showering and quick rest, we were recharged and ready for our next food coma at Klebang coconut shake

The coconut milkshake topped with vanilla ice-cream. This is the BOMB. 
The drink is so refreshing for the scorching hot weather and it is not too sweet.
The price for a glass of coconut shake special (with ice-cream) is RM 2.20 and coconut shake regular (without ice-cream) is RM 1.70

They also have assorted local snacks. We ordered Keropok Lekor (fish sausage) RM 1 for 3 pieces. Keropok Lekor is a specialty from Terengganu, another state of Malaysia. I first had it when I studied in Penang and I fell in love with it immediately. I always order whenever I see it. However, it is quite difficult to get nice ones nowadays. The best keropok Lekor that I have ever had was in a small coffeeshop when I visited Terengganu for a business trip years ago.

Nasi Lemak (rice cooked in coconut milk). RM 1.20 for a packet.

We paid only RM 15.40 for four glasses of coconut shake with icecream, 9 pieces of keropok lekor and 3 packets of nasi lemak. It was reasonably-price and good. We will definitely come back. 
Klebang coconut shake is located at Jalan Klebang Besar, Melaka 75200 (next to Caltex station).
The opening hour is as below:
Saturday to Thursday: 12.30 pm to 6.30 pm
Friday: 2.00 pm to 6.30 pm

We then decided to go Mahkota Parade not only to shop, but also to escape the sweltering weather.
And chilled out at one of my favorite cake shop, Secret Recipe.

Dinner for the day was at Handsome Restaurant, which is located opposite Methodist Girl School at Jalan Tengkera. 
Heard from Mr. D that the black pepper and chili crabs are nice.
Unfortunately, they didn't cater any crabs that day :( 
Booo, was kinda sad cos I was craving for crabs. 
But anyway, we will definitely visit this restaurant the next time we come to Melaka.

Check out the map below on how to get there and the full address. You may also call to make reservation and order in advance.

Pig stomach soup. This is my all time favorite soup. The broth was extremely peppery and I loved it :)

 The signature fried bee hoon. It was really really good and it was gone in seconds :p

We ordered another soup. This is so interesting. The herbal soup was served in a wintermelon. How creative. I love this soup. In fact, I love anything cooked with herbal :p

Prawn omelette

Stir fried kangkong

Sweet and sour pork

The total cost for the dinner and drink was RM 72.70 which is quite reasonable.

Mr. D brought us to try a putu piring (kueh tutu) nearby the restaurant at 250 Jalan Tengkera. 
Look at the huge size. It is selling at RM 1 per piece

We went to catch a movie at Dataran Pahlawan, partly was because we wanted to have supper but we had nothing to do in between :D
The movie ticket price is only RM 10 for a weekend midnight show.

The chicken meatball tasted yucky, will never ever order this again -.-'

Headed to Restoran Pak Putra Tandoori & Naan at Jalan Laksamana 4 for supper after the movie.
Mango lassi is also one of the items I always order whenever I visit Indian stall or restaurant. It is made of yoghurt, water and mango pulp. It was really good and not sweet at all.

Palak paneer (spinach with cottage cheese). I was a bit disappointed because I expected to see the cottage cheese but it was pureed together with the spinach. Nevertheless, it tasted really good.

Aloo Gobi. It is made with potatoes, cauliflower and Indian spices.

Garlic and cheese naan served with curry sauce. Naan is an Indian style flatbread.

The crazy us were not full yet after the supper and we decided to explore for more food.
Decided to drop by Capitol satay celup because there was no queue. It was 1 am and I believe there were not many people as crazy as us :p
I came here before at 7 pm and had to queue for about one and half hour to get a table.
Restoran Capitol Satay is located at 41, Lorong Bukit Cina, 75100 Melaka.

It is a self service system. You take whatever you wanna eat and they charge RM 0.90 per stick.

Satay celup is a steamboat satay where the meat and vegetables in a skewer are cooked in a thick and aromatic peanut sauce.

 That's all for the first part. Will post the part 2 soon.


  1. Goshhhh ..... Sooooo much yummy food !!! ... Y'all very lucky to have somebody to show around local food =) ...

    1. Haha. Those were not all. Part 2 is coming with more food pictures. Stay tuned :)

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