Tuesday, 17 April 2012

L'Oreal Professional INOA Expeience with Cozycot

I got a call from the representative of Cozycot last week
to receive the hair coloring service by L'Oreal Professional.
The call came just in time as it was about time for me to touch up my hair color for my wedding.

So there I was, excitedly looking forward to the hair coloring session
at Salon Vim which is located at 313 Somerset.
The seats in the salon are comfortably spaced out
so that the clients are not seating too near to each other.
I was accompanied by latest magazines, drink and my favorite Meiji biscuit
throughout the whole two and half hour process.

A very friendly and pretty senior stylist, Stephanie Yeo, was assigned to work on my hair.
She was trying to understand my hair and scalp condition and the color that I wish to have.
My hair is dry, brittle and frizzy as the result of excessive chemical treatment.
I dye my hair two to three times a year and
change hairstyle, either perming or rebonding, twice a year.
Therefore, Stephanie recommended to use L'Oreal Professional INOA Hair Color.

INOA is a combined word of Innovation No Ammonia,
which use ODS Technology (Oil Delivery System) to deliver the color.
Therefore, it provides more protection to the natural lipid of hair.
INOA has a pleasant smell and did not irritate my nose and eyes.
And most importantly, it didn't sting nor burn my sensitive scalp, unlike the traditional hair color.
I only experienced a slight itchiness on my scalp which is quite bearable.

As for the color, I wanted to have a dark brown color.
However, Stephanie suggested that I go for dark brown with a hint of red to compliment my fair skin tone.
I hesitated for a moment, but she assured me that the color would turn out beautifully.
True enough, the color turned out perfectly and I love the smooth and glossy finishes on my hair.

It has been five days since I got my hair dyed with INOA
and there is no sign further damage on my hair.
The only downside of INOA is the oil based delivery system
which results in my scalp gets greasy easily.
Overall, I am really satisfied with the result and
will definitely stick to L'Oreal INOA for any hair coloring in the future.