Wednesday, 29 May 2013

Laneige K-Beauty Blogger

I have received questions from friends and readers about the skincare product that I am using. 
And I am always proud to answer that I am loyal fan of Laneige :D
I have been using their product for about 6 to 7 years now. 

There were two main factors that got me interested with the brand. 
Firstly it was Jeon Ji Hyun as the brand ambassador (before Song Hye Kyo) and secondly it was their concept of water science technology. I have very dry skin, therefore I am constantly looking for a product to hydrate my skin.

Jeon Ji Hyun, picture courtesy of Laneige website

The first product of Laneige that I explored was Water Bank Essence.
I used it day and night after toner and before moisturizer application. I love this product so much.
The light texture of the essence feels like water on my skin. 
And I love the mild fragrance of all their products which are not overpowering.

Laneige Water Bank Essence

The next products that I tried were Water Sleeping Pack and Strawberry Peeling Gel (I was kinda sad when I found out it has been discontinued). I remember I was sharing the purchase of these two products with my sister in law as we were not sure whether they were good or not and we didn't have much budget then :p 
But it didn't take me long to get the full size products for my own. Since then, I started to replace all my skincare and makeup products to Laneige. 

Laneige Water Sleeping Pack_EX

I have even managed to convince my other half switching his products to Laneige Homme Line :D

I am currently mix-and-matching the products from White Plus Renew, Perfect Renew and Hydra Solution lines. 
All my current face products are from Laneige, including cleansing, skincare and makeup products except for the eyeliner and eyeshadow. 

My current favorite skincare product from Laneige is Perfect Renew Night Treatment.
As I mentioned earlier, I have very dehydrated skin. I need a highly concentrated product for my skin, especially at night because I am sleeping in a air-conditioned room and my skin tends to dry up in the morning. 

Laneige Perfect Renew Night Treatment

Perfect Renew Night Treatment is a highly concentrated treatment essence designed to use at night time with firming and revitalizing effect. 
It contains a high-concentration of skin Charger Complex to quickly restore vibrant and firm skin, a high-concentration of Ceramide Repair Water SLN fortifies the skin barrier and supplies ample moisture for supple skin and hibiscus seed extracts sufficiently promotes collagen synthesis for your skin to reborn overnight.

The texture is just right for my skin, it is not too watery nor too thick. 
Although it is highly concentrated, it doesn't feel heavy or leaves any oily residue on my skin.
My skin feels soft and supple when I wakeup the next morning.

The essence is quickly absorbed into the skin and keeping the skin moisturized

I apply this essence at night after removing my makeup with Deep Cleansing Oil Moisture and applying Power Essential Skin Refiner Sensitive (I m trying this range because it is alcohol free) and White Plus Renew Emulsion. After the application of the essence, I will either apply Water Sleeping Pack or White Plus Renew Night Cream. For daycare, I replace this essence with White Plus Renew Essence. 

And the product that I love most from the makeup range is the Snow BB Cream SPF 41/PA++ 
I have been using this BB cream since they first launched it and I am on my third tube now. 
I apply this BB cream almost everyday as I am not a fan of foundation, I save the foundation for special occasions.

This essence type BB cream fully delivers fresh, moist and nourishing sensation to the skin right after application. 
The Liquid Crystal Essence ingredient has the similar structure to the skin surface lipid which works as a natural skin barrier creates a skin moisturizing seal on the skin, keeping moisture locked in and staying long on the skin.
This smart and advanced BB Cream has triple function of whitening, anti-wrinkle and UV protection of SPF 41/PA++ that I do not have to apply additional sunblock. It definitely saves my time and my pocket :p

Love how smooth the BB cream glides on the skin and doesn't look cakey

I am gonna show you the comparison before and after the application of the BB Cream.
Below are the products that I applied in the 'before' picture. 

Left to Right: Power Essential Sensitive Skin Refiner, White Plus Renew Emulsion, White Plus Renew Essence,
Hydra Solution Cream, Perfect Renew Dual Touch Eyes (Day and Night)

After the application, the BB Cream immediately brighten up my skin. It helps to even out skin tone and cover redness and pores. With its lightweight texture, it is definitely perfect for daily use and to create natural or 'non makeup' look.

I have also purchased the Snow BB Soothing Cushion after reading soooo many good reviews about it. I can't wait to finish my Snow BB Cream so I can start using this. Teehee :D

And here is my attempt to create a flawless natural Korean makeup look.
I am using all the skincare and makeup products from Laneige to achieve this look, except for the eyeliner and eyeshadow.

I am submitting this entry to Laneige Beautiful Blogger Challenge to win a makeup session recreating K-Beauty Looks with the Laneige BB Cushion. Wish me luck :)

Wednesday, 15 May 2013

My First Wedding Anniversary

Time really flies, especially when we are having fun and good times. The year went by in a blink of an eye and last weekend, we celebrated our one year wedding anniversary. 
The celebration started on the eve with a simple meal and movie date at Orchard.

Japanese dinner at Hachifukumaru ramen shop by Nantsuttei

Tori Chashu-men.
We ordered it cos it was on promotional price :p and it came with free either wanton or gyoza

The free wanton. I didn't like it cos I find the skin was a tad too thick. 

Fried pork karaage with egg and wasabi mayo tartar sauce.
This dish was our favorite, it was soooo mouthwatering and the combination of the sauce was perfect.

Buta-manma, stewed chashu on top of rice.
This was our second favorite dish. The chashu was really tender and flavorful.

Hachifukumaru by Nantsuttei Group
OG Orchard Point, #01-13
160 Orchard Road, Singapore 238842
The opening hour: 11 AM to 11 PM daily
Telp: +65-67379713

Movie date after the dinner


Baked a white wine cheesecake for the celebration.
I was drooling over when I saw this recipe from Wendy's blog but waiting for special occasion to bake it :p 
Although my cake didn't turn out as pretty as Wendy's but it tasted good *thick skin*
However, I was a bit regret that I didn't use a good quality white wine. Although Wendy did highlight it in her post. Will definitely keep this recipe and bake it again when I get hold of a good quality white wine.

The cake was too plain, so I decided to decorate it with blackberries.
It was indeed a good idea cos the berries balance out the taste and make it less heavy

Happy first anniversary to us.
Thanks for being the amazing husband, my best friend and love of my life.


The celebration continued with a dinner at Equinox restaurant at level 70 of Swissôtel The Stamford. We chose this restaurant because of the amazing view and most importantly, it overlooks Marina Bay Sands where we held our wedding banquet last year.

Camwhored a bit before heading to the restaurant :p

Paid extra SGD 20 for the window seat. It was definitely worth it cos the view was amazing

Some lovely views that I managed to capture throughout the dinner 
(Pardon my lack of photography skill)

So glad we managed to catch the Wonder Full show (Southeast Asia's largest light and water show)
at 8 pm for 15 minutes

The only downside was the tables were cluttered and so close to each other. Check out the picture below and see how near we were to the next table. We can literally listen to the next tables' conversation. There was no privacy at all :(

Complimentary canapé to cleanse our palates. It looked unappetizing but it was surprisingly good.
It was avocado topped with tomato foam and diced watermelon, so refreshing

The butter and cream cheese for the bread.
The cream cheese was so yummilicious that I finished the whole bowl :p

Appetizer: Pan-Seared Foie Gras, Orange Braised Endive and Sauternes Velouté, SGD 32
This is really really good, highly recommended

First main course: Rhug Estate Tenderloin of Pork, Scotch Egg, Prunes, Celeriac Purée and Whisky Sauce, SGD 65
I found the pork tenderloin a bit on the flavorless side but the whisky sauce was excellent.
The scoth egg and the prunes hidden below the pork were nice too

Second main course: Rack and Braised Shoulder of Welsh Lamb, Basil crushed potatoes, 
ratatouille stuffed cherry tomatoes, black oliver powder and achovy jus, SGD 75
I loved it, the lamb was very tender, moist and juicy. Yummy :D

The service here was good, the staffs were polite and friendly with awesome food and view. 
It will be perfect if the tables were not so cluttered. 
And not forgetting although WY did highlight twice that it was our wedding anniversary, we didn't get any wish from the staff nor a complimentary dessert, which was a bit disappointing. 
Nevertheless, I would say the overall experience was great.

Equinox Restaurant
2 Stamford Road, Level 70, Equinox Complex,
Swissôtel The Stamford
Singapore 178882
Telp: +65-6338 8585 


And to end this post, here is what WY got for me for anniversary present.
Love it soooo much :D I am a happy girl now

Tuesday, 7 May 2013

Ladurée Singapore

I was so excited that Ladurée has finally brought its wonderful macarons to Singapore on 15 April 2013. 
I first tried Ladurée macarons when my bestie, Sylvia, brought them back from Paris. I was not a fan of macarons until I tried those from Laduréand I was sold immediately.

Ladurée Singapore has two locations in Ngee Ann City (famously knows as Takashimaya).
The takeaway counter is on the first floor (#01-24A), in between LV and Chanel boutiques (near the escalator).
The main boutique is on the second floor (#02-09) where you can takeaway the macarons and purchase merchandises and collectibles such as chocolates, jams, candles, tote bags and keychains.      

Queuing to enter Ladurée boutique

Macaron tower window display

Love the cloudy blue sky ceiling and I read the chandeliers were specially imported too

Assorted Scented Candles

Cam-whore while waiting for my turn :p

The pretty and colorful macarons. Feel like grabbing one each to try

Assorted Chocolates

The macarons are specially flown in from Switzerland three to four times a week.
The price of the macaron is SGD 3.80 each, except for gold coated macaron which is selling at SGD 7.60. 
You need to get minimum 8 pieces (SGD 30.40) to get them packed in a paper box like below with no additional cost. 
If they are less than 8 pieces, they will be packed in a paper pouch.

You may also opt for the gift box. This Napoleon Green box costs SGD 32 for 6 macarons

Limited edition of Ladurée Singapore box costs SGD 38 for 8 macarons

The flavors that are currently available in Ladurée Singapore.
Praline, Marie-Antoinette, Chocolate Yuzu and Red Fruit are seasonal flavors.

My favorite flavors are pistachio, coffee, rose and ghana chocolate. These macarons are not that sweet as compared to other brands. 
They are best consumed within a day of purchase. You may keep them in the fridge but try to finish them within two to three days after purchase as they will get harder after several days.
The macarons are not cheap, but they are definitely worth the price.

The queue wasn't that bad, it took me about 15 mins to enter during weekday off peak hour