Tuesday, 11 December 2012

Spring Cleaning

OMG. This is the longest time ever I left this space unattended.
Time to do a spring cleaning and clear the dust and spiderweb :p

I am adjusting my life as a married woman and trying hard to be a good wife.
I still find it tough to wake up early and prepare breakkie for my beloved hubby as I am not a morning person. Hahaha
Nonetheless, I think I am coping it quite well. Teehee.

I have picked up new hobbies too along the way.
Still remember when I left home for the first time for studying abroad 13 years ago, I didn't even know how to prepare a simple meal except cooking instant noodle :p
It is until recently when I have my own kitchen and time to experiment cooking different types of dishes that I realized I have hidden talent.
So proud of myself that I am able to satisfy hubby's tummy most of the time :)

I also remember how I envy my friends who can bake well.
It never occurred in my mind that I can do it too until few months back when one of my friends bought a voucher for a cupcake baking class.

I am now trying to cook and bake healthy stuff for myself and hubby whenever it is possible.
Thanks to the technology, it is so convenient to learn cooking and baking nowadays.
There are like thousands of recipes and video tutorial available in the world wide web.

Gotta go now, catching up with my girls before they are leaving for a month holiday.
I promise to update my space more often now that I have more or less settled down now.

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