Sunday, 24 March 2013

I am confident in TrichoKare preventing me from further hair loss now

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Hair is the crowning glory of a woman.
I always believe that hair plays an important role in someone's overall physical look.
Therefore, I change the color and style of my hair pretty often.
I usually get my hair colored about 4 to 5 times a year and permed/straightened 2 to 3 times a year.
Unfortunately, these lead to hair loss and irritated, oily scalp due to chemical damage :( 
I have started to notice thinning hair, especially at both sides of my head.
My hair gets greasy in less than a day and I gotta wash my hair daily.

I was really delighted to be invited for the hair treatment session at Trichokare. 
I have heard lots of raving about the treatment at Trichokare but had not had a chance to try it out for myself. 
It got me really excited.

TrichoKare is a holistic hair and scalp care centre that provides European botanical hair remedies, catering to all hair conditions.

TrichoKare has three outlets in Singapore and I visited the one at Wheelock Place.

The first thing that attracted me was the warm and cozy environment with a pleasant lingering herbs smell. 
I am a big big fan of herbs and I have a huge collection of essential oil derived from different 
herbs :p
Needless to say, It got me so comfortable sitting at the receptionist area while waiting for my consultant that I immediately kept my phone to enjoy the moment.

I was then found out from the therapist that the herbs smell came from their products which contain premium European herbs. 
TrichoKare herbs are prepared under stringent laboratory standards and are 100% drug-free. 
They contain pure bio-extracts that nourish the hair follicles and scalp. 
I was really looking forward to try out their products.

Prior to the treatment, my consultant, Ms. Cherries Kor, led me to a cozy and very private consultation room. 
She ran through a series of questions such as my lifestyle habit and product used. There are a few causes of hair loss such as stress, dietary, unsuitable hair products and genetic. 
From the discussion, she concluded the two main reasons that caused my hair loss and greasy scalp are the excessive exposure to chemical treatments (coloring, perming and straightening) and sleeping late. 
I usually go to bed very late which is about 2 am and I am definitely missing the beauty sleep time at 11 pm :(

Cherries then performed a scalp diagnostic for me.
From the picture below, it can be seen that there was an excessive sebum on my scalp caused by overexposure to chemicals.
Cherries explained to me that the excess buildup of sebum on the scalp can also lead to dandruff. 

The sebum and dandruff block hair follicle and affect hair reproduction. These are the culprit of my thinning hair issue.
Healthy hair follicle has 2 to 3 strands of thick hair.
However, the scanning results of front side of my head showed that I have only one or two strands of hair and they are thin hair. I was seriously a bit shocked when I saw the result. 
I bet Cherries could sense my worries.
She kept assuring me that they had a solution for me. With a regular hair treatment and home usage products, I will definitely see a visible result in a certain period of time.

For your reference, here is the sample of clean and healthy scalp.

Cherries worked on a customized treatment for me.
I was led to the treatment area by my hair therapist, Ms. Jess Lim.
I like their concept of cubicle treatment area for customers' privacy.

The first part of the treatment was masque application on my scalp as a detoxification treatment for greasy scalp and clogged hair follicles. This treatment was to remove the excessive sebum and impurities such as dirt and dandruff from the scalp.

During the hair deep cleansing at the cozy hair washing area, Jess used a mint shampoo which was suitable for my greasy scalp condition. I love the minty smell and the cooling effect of the shampoo. I almost fell asleep when Jess massaged my scalp. Jess has a very good massage skill. It was so comfortable that I felt like I was doing head reflexology at the same time :D 
Two thumbs up for Jess.

A shoulder herbal heat pad was put on my shoulder for a complete relaxation before Jess blow-dried my scalp to allow product to be better absorbed by the scalp.

A tonic was applied to purify and rejuvenate my scalp. It was also to help the control of oiliness and dandruff. The tonic application was followed by another heavenly head, neck and shoulder massage and the herbs smell of the tonic added on the the complete relaxation.

Check out the brilliant design of the product. Instead of the usual round shape, it was designed to fit our palm nicely during the usage. And the design of the long dispenser allows the application of product to go directly in contact with scalp instead of just the surface of our hair. This well-design dispenser also helps in minimizing spillage. How thoughtful, right. 

An anti-frizz oil was applied on the hair for protection before hair styling. 
Jess worked amazingly fast in styling my hair which meant less exposure of hair dryer and I loved how she styled the hair curls for me.

Before ending the treatment, an infrared therapy machine was used to stimulate hair growth, allow deeper penetration of the scalp purification tonic and kill bacteria to avoid the spreading of dandruff.

I went back to the consultation room for Cherries to ran post-treatment diagnosis on my scalp at the end of the treatment. I was glad to see that my scalp was cleaner after the treatment. 

The obvious result that I noticed was my hair was not oily even after the end of second day and it was still voluminous.
As I mentioned earlier, my hair usually gets oily and smelly in less than a day. This is kind of frustrating where I have to wash my hair every single day or else it will look and smell really yucky. 
I was convinced with just one treatment.
I will definitely come back and get my hair treated regularly to maintain a healthy scalp and prevent further hair loss.

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Just quote "Henny" when you make appointment at the hotline: 6338 8680
Or click the banner below for online registration.

There are three outlets of TrichoKare in Singapore:

- Wheelock Place / #05-09A
- Velocity @ Novena Square / #03-19
- The Clementi Mall / #05-11


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