Wednesday, 13 March 2013

I lost 300 grams in one treatment at Slimming 101!

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Few days ago, I had the opportunity to try out the slimming treatment at Slimming 101.

I fell in love with the centre as soon as I stepped my foot in. Look at the girlish decoration, they are so pretty.
I was greeted by the friendly therapist, Nittha.

This slimming centre is quite new, I understand from Nittha that this slimming centre was launched end of 2012. 
Slimming 101 is the sister company of Beijing 101, the renowned hair care treatment centre.

What is interesting from this slimming centre is the combination of both modern and tradtional chinese medicine (TCM) method. 
Slimming 101 the first slimming centre in Singapore that combine the use of TCM with modern method.
I always believe in integrating modern western and Chinese medicine. I myself have been practicing this for a while. I have vitamin and mineral supplements daily and take western medicine when I am sick. On the other hand, I do visit TCM regularly when I feel 'weak' or tired and need to boost up my energy.
Therefore, my eyes lit up immediately when I heard about this integration method to treat weight problem inside out.

I was first led to a cozy and comfortable consultation room and asked to fill a form with some questionnaires for the therapist to fully understand my body condition and my main concerns which are flabby tummy and thighs. I believe this is a common problem faced by a number of girls. 

I was then led to do a body assessment.
According to Nittha, my body weight and fat percentage are kind of ideal :D
My body fat percentage is 29.6% where the ideal percentage for my age and height is in between 21 to 34.9%

However, my total body water percentage is on the high side, which is 48.7% 
The ideal percentage for me will be 30%. I have exceeded 50% of the ideal percentage *facepalm*

I finally got to understand from Nittha about the culprit of my water retention problem. 
Firstly it is because I don't sweat much, not even after a 5 km run. Therefore, the toxins are not flushed out of my body. Accumulation of toxins in body cause poor blood circulation and water retention. Our body system will find a way to protect us from toxins by diluting them and store them in water and fat storage. This is the main reason that we gain weight.
The second reason is my bad habit of drinking excessive water before bed time. 

After the body assessment with Nittha, I met up with the Chinese physician for another round of consultation. 
The physician ran through a diagnostic process with me which included understanding my medical history and lifestyle, observation of my skin and tongue, and pulse taking on both wrists. TCM practitioners believe in six pulse aspects which correlate with body organs and functions. 
Photo courtesy of Slimming 101 website

Nittha then suggested to do a detoxification treatment for me, which included sauna, sea salt scrub and hot blanket, followed by acupuncture.

First of all, I was asked to change into a robe and took a shower to remove the oils and impurities off the body. Before showering, I did another body weight measurement with wearing only the robe. My weight was 53.1 kg (after deducting 400 grams of the robe weight).

I was then guided to the sauna room with temperature at 50°C.
I was initially imagining a closed dark sauna room when Nittha mentioned about going into the sauna. Little did I know that it actually has a bright light and a see through glass door which really help for the claustrophobic me, and I was given magazines to read in the sauna room. This was the first time I felt comfortable sitting in a sauna room. 

I headed to another treatment room for the sea salt scrub treatment and massage. The massage technique was a lymphatic drainage massage for the improvement of body circulation and for toxin drainage in the body. The toxins are then removed via kidney as urine. This massage is useful for combating water retention issue.

After the massage, a hot blanket was used to cover my body. I felt so good sleeping in this warm blanket and bed. I started to sweat after 10 minutes. I cant believe I sweated so much, I felt like I have done one hour intensive workout. I cooled down a bit after the hot blanket treatment and went for a shower. 

I did another body measurement after showering. My after treatment weight was 52.80 kg (after deducting 400 gram of the robe). 
I lost 300 grams after the treatment :D

Here comes the second part of the treatment.
After showering, I went back to the treatment room for the TCM acupuncture. 
I was initially worried about the pain because I have a fear of needles and injections.
However, the physician's skill was really amazing that I only felt a slight tinge sensation when the needles were poked in. 

The physician explained the purpose of acupuncture points along the stomach was to aid digestion, increase blood production and cure gas problem. From the pulse taking, she could tell that I have poor digestion. This explained the bloatedness I experienced after a meal.

The last acupuncture points are on the feet to combat liver blood deficiency. This also explained why I have constant dizziness, dry eyes and insomnia.

I felt rejuvenated and refreshed at the end of the treatment. I was completely satisfied.
I would say that I do not have serious body fat issue but my main problems are the flabby tummy and thighs. 
I have tried to lose weight. However, it wasn't easy to tone down the flabby parts.
What I am really glad from this treatment is also I get to understand the cause of my main concern. 
It never crossed my mind that water retention is the culprit that cause the accumulation of toxins and results in weight gain.

And most importantly, the combination of western and TCM method is what I think makes Slimming 101 stands out. The acupuncture treatment was not only combating my flabby parts issue but also help treating my problem from inside, such as strengthening my digestive system and restoring water balance system. 
Therefore, the integration method of treating weight problem inside out will be able to show the result faster and lasting for longer term.

Kudos to the therapists too. They were so friendly, knowledgeable and experienced. They explained to me every single steps that they did and the reason behind. I did ask a lot of questions and they answered them patiently. My therapist, Nittha did a very good job to ensure that I felt comfortable throughout the whole treatment.

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Slimming 101 is located conveniently at 
109 North Bridge Road,
#04-07, Funan DigitaLife Mall, 
Singapore 179097
Telp: 67373 101


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