Monday, 22 April 2013

Beautiful Neck and Décolleté with Audrey Christian

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A girl's age is often revealed by the neck.
While most girls diligently follow skin care regimen on their facial skin, they tend to neglect the proper care of their necks. And I am guilty as charged :(
Moreover, the skin of the neck is thinner and more delicate than that of the face, it ages faster and shows sign of aging and wrinkles earlier than the facial skin.
Two weeks ago, the product of Audrey Christian came to my rescue.

The PUSH UP Breast, Neck & Tummy Cream was developed by Audrey Christian to help women achieve a beautiful silhouette to gain their confidences and attractiveness. 
It is suitable for women of all shapes and ages out there.
This fusion cream is a special blend of natural ingredients, traditional skin care knowledge and state-of-the-art biotechnology to tone and restore skin tissues.

This PUSH UP Cream can help you:

  • Regain the symmetry of your bust
  • Shape, firm and lift your breasts
  • Remove stretch marks and scars
  • Diffuse wrinkles and fine lines on your body
  • Improve cellulite
  • Improve your skin tone and quality in general
  • Boost circulation to revitalize your entire neckline/décolletage

What's more, the PUSH UP Cream helps to prevent stretch marks during the pregnancy. 
Because of the natural ingredients used, it is safe for pregnant women and breastfeeding mommies. Just wipe the cream off from nipples before breastfeeding.

The cream comes in a pretty pink color tube and I love the pleasant smell of the natural ingredients with no added fragrance. The texture of the cream is very light and watery, it glides smoothly on the skin without any oily or sticky residue. 
And what I love most from the cream is it doesn't have any burning sensation like most of the firming cream in the market.

The cream is immediately absorbed into the skin when it is rubbed in

The PUSH UP cream works efficiently to deliver visible result after 2 weeks application (day and night) on my neck area. 
I dispensed the desired amount into my left palm and using fingertips of right hand to dab the cream and apply from left side of my neck and massage the cream with upwards motion until my chin.
It can be seen that the fine lines on my neck is less obvious now and the skin is smoother after 2 weeks usage of the cream.

Disclaimer: There is no photoshop work done in the pictures. I applied only the PUSH UP cream on my neck in both pictures.

Taking a proper care of neck is not that difficult after all, especially with an awesome product like the PUSH UP Breast, Neck & Tummy Cream by Audrey Christian.
I promise to myself that I will pay more attention to my neck area from now on.


What is more exciting is Audrey Christian is currently organizing a "Beautiful Neck and Décolleté" competition.
You may win a 3-carat rubellite and diamond pendant necklace from international jeweller Mouawad worth $3000. Check out the picture below, isn't is gorgeous?

How to qualify for the competition?
Just submit pictures of your neck and décolleté (upper chest area) before and 6 weeks after you start using your favorite skin firming cream to together with the following information:
- Brand of the product you used,
- Your full name,

- Date of birth, 
- Occupation,
- And the answer of the following question:
Which part of the body can the PUSH UP Breast, Neck & Tummy Cream be used on to firm up the skin?

The competition runs from 1st April to 30th June 2013 and participants must be at least 30 years old. You may check the website here for more information and the terms & conditions.

And another good news is for the duration of the competition, the PUSH UP Breast, Neck & Tummy Cream will be on sale for SGD 89 (Usual price SGD 129)
It is available at Sasa Cosmetics and Guardian Health & Beauty.
I m looking forward to seeing your beautiful neck and décolleté picture.

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  1. Hi Henny! Hmm I'd definitely need this! Keeping the neckline and decollette wrinkle-less is so important (and I'm not doing good job)...