Thursday, 11 April 2013

One year anniversary of our love nest

Today marks one year since we shifted in our new house.
The journey wasn't an easy one, but it is definitely worth all the effort.

It took us months to find our dream home. 
I remember the endless call to property agents, searching of property websites every single day and viewing hundreds of apartment units (I am a bit exaggerating here :p).
And when we almost gave up, that was when we found it.
It was kinda miraculous, we had the feel the moment we stepped in the apartment and we sealed the deal one hour later. 
It happened so fast and we felt like dreaming.

The next challenge was the home renovation. We spent weeks doing research and flipping through housing and decorating magazines to finalize the theme of our house. Spoke to a few IDs (Interior Designers) and contractors, and we decided to engage Darwin Interior. It was a tough period during the renovation. WY was away for business trips before and after the renovation and I had to finalize almost all by myself. It was a nightmare going through the paint and lamination catalogue for days. However, the sub-contractors were really professional and we were highly satisfied with the quality of work and the services provided.

Look at how neat they did the floor covering prior to the renovation

Drawing on the wall for the lighting installation and the timer :D

Tadaaa, renovation of living room was done. We didn't do much renovation, only did the false ceiling installation, construction of tv console and mirror installation for dining area.

WY's study room

Our master room. This was taken during our wedding one month later

My extremely mini make-up desk

My walk-in wardrobe, far from my dream Carrie Bradshaw's walk-in :D

and a bathtub which I haven't had the chance to use till date

This is where I am proud to call home, thanks to WY for making this happen.

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