Tuesday, 16 April 2013

Happy Birthday Annielicious Food

This is an overdue post, pardon my bad habit of procrastinating :p

We celebrated my bestie, Annie's blog turned one last month.
I am so proud of her, she is putting a lot of effort into her blog and she has gained popularity for just one year.
You just try to type 'pig stomach soup' or 'pig trotter in vinegar' or 'steamed cod fish' in google search box and her post will come on the first page of search result.
Sooooo, it was definitely worth celebrating :)

Linda and I ordered "All Chocolate" cake from Awfully Chocolate. It is a dark chocolate cake with dark chocolate fudge. 
It costs SGD 51.60 for an 8 inch cake. I really love the black n white theme of the box and the black ribbon. It looks so elegant and classy. 
Annie was so surprised when we showed up with this cake, it turned out that it was one of her favorite cakes.
We loved the cake so much. It tasted heavenly.

Andddd to reward us, Annie cooked one of her latest recipe then, which was Mee Rebus Johor with Begedil (deep fried potato patty). Lucky us!

Hard boiled eggs as one of the mee rebus condiments.

We help with the begedil preparation. Hence, the not so good looking begedil before frying :p

I grabbed the good looking begedil picture from Annie's blog, they are so pretty.

Check out Annie's atas Le Creuset pots. She is a big fan of Le Creuset and she has a huge collection in her house.

The super yummilicious mee rebus Johor. I have to control my saliva when I type this. This is definitely the best mee rebus that I have ever eaten in my life. Check out the generous amount of Annie's ingredients.

For the refreshment, we were served with the old school Orangina drink

and homemade longan jelly

You may check out Annie's Mee Rebus Johor recipe here and the Begedil recipe here
I am waiting for my food processor to arrive soon so I can cook this mee rebus at home. Yipieee

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  1. Im reading this at this at such wee hour. Looking at the chocolate cake really makes me wanna die!!